Why Should You Consider The Homescapes?

In the homescapes when you are playing the arcade levels then different types of tiles appear. The players are required to match at least three similar types of tiles to eliminate them. In case a player wants to activate the power-ups then he/she needs to make some different combinations. In these types of combination, players are required to match more than 3 tiles. Some power-ups activated with a specific structure. All these things affect the number of stars which will receive by the gamers as a reward. Many gamers are asking some questions like how to Hack Homescapes Stars and the use of a genuine hack tool is the perfect answer to the question.

Key facts regarding power-ups

As we know that the power-ups are playing an important role in completing the match-3 levels. With these power-ups, the game includes some boosters. The difference between both things is the power-ups are activated by making unique combinations. The boosters are purchased by spending the game money and the players are able to use them while completing the level. Another big difference between these things is that when you activate a power-up or use it then your moves are affected. The use of boosters never affects the number of moves available. For buying the boosters the players should take help from the Free Homescapes Hack Tool and use them for completing levels quickly. From below-mentioned points, you are able to get deep information about power-ups.

Rainbow ball – It is one of the most powerful power-ups. The activation or creation of it is not easy. For it, the players are required to combine or match five similar tiles in one column or row. When you explode the rainbow ball at that time every tile of color by which you swapped the ball is eliminated. It will help a lot in achieving different types of targets.

Bomb – the bomb is useful in clearing all tiles those are available in the radius of two squares. The players are able to generate a bomb on the tile board by making the formation of tiles in L format. These bombs are affecting the tiles in a circular manner that’s why players should use them in the center of the board. Some players explode it near or at edges; in this way they are not able to utilize its full power. We also updated our mobile legends hack twitter so read again to get full resources.

Try different combinations

If you are taking help from the different types of power-ups or unique combinations then you should pay attention to some special ones. The players lead to extra damage on the board by removing several tiles and for it, they are required to swap the two different power-ups. In this way, you can see a new combination and additional damage. It will be helpful in saving moves and getting a huge amount as an additional bonus. If you do not want to waste time and put efforts into currency collection then consider Homescapes Hack tool and boom the game account with the huge amount of funds.

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